Shop and Learn About Some of the Best Cooling Products Available Anywhere On Or Off Line a division of sole purpose is to offer cooling products and accessories for sale, designed to assist you in getting a cooler more restful night’s sleep, and to provide informational articles on the subject of sleep and sleep temperature. Cooler sleep and lower core temperature contribute to a deeper more restful sleep. Our product selection consists of both, active high tech temperature controlled systems like the ChiliPad Cube 1.1 as well as passive non powered low tech solutions. Choose from our all night temperature controlled ChiliPad™ or our non powered temporary relief head, neck and body cooling products.


What You Will Find At
Helpful informational articles, honest product descriptions and product recommendations. Over the years
our cooling products have proven to be extremely effective in providing cool comfort to our customers.


Our Product Selection Includes:

ChiliPad Cube™ – Our most advanced water cooled mattress pad – All night active temperature controlled system, single or dual zone pads 6 sizes.
Shield Life Cool Pad – The ultimate non powered crystal cooling pad – temporary cool comfort.
ChiliGel™ Body Pad – Non- powered 100% water based gel pad – temporary cool comfort.
ChiliGel™ Pillow Pad – 100% water based gel pad – temporary cool comfort.
Chillow Plus™ – Cool pillow insert , water filled, feels like cool memory foam – temporary cool comfort.
Canine Cooler™ – Cooling Dog Bed , water filled, feels like cool memory foam – cool canine comfort.

Chillspot® – Dog Cooling Station, feels like a cool title floor – cools for 8 Hours+