Menopause Symptoms Include Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

Cooling your sleep surface reduces tossing and turning, ensuring more restful sleep

Some of the most uncomfortable conditions brought on by menopause are hot flashes and night sweats. These irritating indicators of the “change of life” may herald a sleeping pattern that can last for years. But these discomforts can be eased with some practical solutions.

menopause hot flashes and night sweats

Hot flashes are sudden sensations of heat, especially over the face and upper body, that can be so intense they even turn the skin red and blotchy. You might feel “flushed,” like you’re sweltering and can’t cool yourself. You could also experience an increased heart rate and dizziness. Perspiration is common, and when the hot flash passes, can cause you to feel chilled. 

Many things can cause Night Sweats, including infection, cancer, hypoglycemia, even certain medications, but they are most often a result of menopausal hormone changes.

In which case, it’s simply a hot flash that occurs at night, and when you’re in bed under the covers, it can be an overwhelming experience. Maintaining a constant comfortable temperature all night can prove to be impossible, interrupting your sleep and making life miserable.

Although it’s always recommended to see a doctor first when experiencing such conditions, one way to deal with it is to tightly control the sleeping environment. Turn down the heat, open a window, or turn on a fan in the room. Remove some bed covers, or sleep without pajamas. One excellent way is to directly control the temperature of the bed by using an electronic mattress pad under the bottom sheet that provides both cooling as well as heating. This allows the sleeper to adjust the temperature as needed during the night, cooling during a hot flash, and warming to avoid the chill that often comes after.

Once such device is the ChiliPad™ Heating / Cooling Mattress Pad Available at  This innovative appliance uses an electronic brain, advanced sensors and a pump to circulate temperature-controlled water through soft silicone tubes woven inside the pad to either warm or cool in a range from 60°-110°F. It’s the same sort of technology NASA uses in their space suits to heat or cool their astronauts while working in space.

The ChiliPad’s Control unit can be adjusted in 1° increments from 46°-118°F with the small wireless remote. This miraculous invention can help you deal with hot flashes and night sweats without loosing any more sleep. If You would like more information about the ChiliPad™ and / or how to purchase one  Click Here

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