About Us

Welcome to CoolYourSleep.com (“CYS”) a division of BeyondBeds.com (“BB”), an online retailer of high quality sleep products. At (CYS) our sole purpose is to provide educational information about bedding products and bedding accessories designed to help you get a cool night’s sleep.


How We Developed
Through our BeyondBeds.com retail website which started operations in October of 2005, we discovered a growing demand for bedding products that help regulate the body’s temperature during sleep. We were thrilled to discover that some of our temperature regulating products were allowing people with hot flashes, insomnia, muscle & joint pains, and chronic pain were able to sleep better and wake up feeling more rested. Because of that, we decided to launch CoolYourSleep.com, focusing on the needs of people who are having a difficult time getting a good night’s sleep due to temperature issues.

CoolYourSleep.com is dedicated to the topic of sleeping at the right temperature for you, allowing your body to naturally fall into a deeper, more restful sleep. Some of our cooling sleep products use cutting edge technology that facilitates the natural rhythms of the body, helping it reach the optimal lower body temperature while sleeping. At (CYS), you can expect straightforward information that addresses the importance of sleeping at the right temperature, helpful sleep tips, articles, and more. As you explore CoolYourSleep.com, we invite you to take a look at our cooling products and the amazing technologies behind some of them.


What To Expect
The CoolYourSleep.com team is persistent in testing and reviewing the newest and most innovative cooling sleep products available. We only offer products that have been tested by us and liked by our valued customers. Your comfort and satisfaction are most important to us, and we are committed to offering the best solutions for each of our valued customers. We will answer your questions and guide your decision to assure the selection of the most suited cooling sleep product to meet your needs and your budget. If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to contact us toll free at 888-774-4046. Please note that all orders are processed through BeyondBeds.com and shipping is always free within the continental United States. shop with confidence because (BB) is an authorized retailer of all products they sell which means any and all manufacturer warranties will be honored.

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